Money-Talks: SOS (Save Our Ship) From Obama Care

Release date: Late Spring 2017

Cash Flow Enhancement – Homeowner’s Insurance Prices Creep. Taxes – The Trump Tax Plan-Yes! Personal Financial Planning – Health Insurance Options. View Entire Article

Money-Talks: Personal Health Insurance Survival Issues

Release date: Summer 2017

What you can do to help yourself and your family have decent health care. Health care sharing ministries and an alternative plan for Obama Care. View Entire Article

Money-Talks: The New Tax Plan and Health Insurance Update

Release date: Fall 2017

Cash Flow Enhancement-What is Your Business Worth? Personal Financial Planning I - Passive Mutual Funds Versus Activity-Managed Mutual Funds. Personal Financial Planning II – Asset Class Risk and Return. View Entire Article

Money-Talks: Minimum Wage Increases Hurt All Small Businesses

Release date: Winter 2017

Taxes-Tax Scams – BEWARE! Cash Flow Enhancement-Business Valuation Certification. Personal Financial Planning – Small Cap Stocks and Mutual Funds Outperform Other Options in the Long Run. Technology-Passwords. View Entire Article

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