Money-Talks: Fake Promises

Release date: Summer 2018

This editorial focuses on the latest “fake promises” that are being heavily advertised right now that promise if you invest you will be taken care of for life. View Entire Article

Money Talks: The Way Things Are: Government Favors the Super Rich, the Poor, and the Bureaucracy… As a Result, Taxpayers, Especially Working Class Are Left Holding the Bag

Release date: Fall 2018

In most high-tax States – New York, Maryland, California, for example, -- the function of government appears to be to promote the interest of the poor, the superrich, and the bureaucracy (government workers). The working class, nongovernment worker has no voice in these high tax States. Programs for the poor are designed to keep them poor and trapped, there is no accountability. View Entire Article

Money Talks: Trump Tax Plan

Release date: Winter 2018

This entire newsletter is devoted to the “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act”, also known as the “Trump Tax Plan”, that provides the biggest change in the tax code in 40 years. Read about the key tax changes and their impact on individuals and businesses. View Entire Article

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