Professional Solutions

Profit & Cash Flow Enhancement

Greg will use his experience as a CPA to take a comprehensive look at all aspects of your business. He will provide an analysis of how your business compares to other businesses of its type in your geographic region to key measures such as profitability and asset and debt management. Greg will give you a detailed analysis of business trends; suggestions for what you should be doing with your compensation and staffing plans; and a strategy for improving your operations to increase your bottom line and cash flow.

Business Plans and Analysis of Buying/Selling a Business

Greg provides effective business plans for financing loans, securing venture capital, and buying or selling a business. He has been successful in securing favorable terms for clients selling a business and in maximizing a business owner's selling price (in one instance he negotiated a price for an owner that was 27 times his annual compensation).

Effective Software Installation and Training

Greg has experience installing and training more than a dozen of the most popular accounting software packages, including QuickBooks. Further, he is a Certified QuickBooks ProAdviser and his experience goes back to 1994 using the program. Greg customizes the software to interact efficiently with his clients' database programs and websites. Greg's goal is to have his clients using the software easily and effectively so that he can spend his time analyzing their businesses to MAXIMIZE income and profits and minimize taxes.

Financial Statements

Greg's goal is to provide accurate financial statements including, compiled, reviewed, audited and forecasted that are user-friendly to his clients and to those in the financial industry who use these statements to make financial decisions that affect his clients.

Tax Planning and Preparation

Greg provides complete tax planning and preparation for individuals, corporations, non-profits, LLCs, partnerships, estates, and trusts. Greg probes very aggressively when looking at your total financial picture to find creative solutions to your tax problems. He has been very successful in putting into place tax strategies that have saved his clients -- individuals and businesses -- considerable sums of money. For instance, Greg saved one client more than $20,000 by applying a Section 1244 loss provision to his investment when he closed his business.

Personal Financial Planning

Greg is a certified financial planner (CFP) and a registered investment advisor (RIA). The personal financial planning services Greg provides include investment analysis, asset allocation and selection, insurance analysis, cash flow analysis, debt management, retirement planning and adequacy of retirement funds and estate planning. Greg works on a fee basis -- in other words, Greg does not make money from selling you specific financial products. Greg gives his clients professional, unbiased advice on their financial planning needs to ensure that they are maximizing their investment opportunities without undue risk.

Business Valuation

Greg is accredited in business valuation and provides conclusion of value and calculation engagements. Whether you need a valuation of how much your business is worth if you sold it, gift, estate, or divorce, Greg has the experience to meet your needs.

QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor - QuickBooks Certification