Money-Talks: Employee Theft & How to Protect Yourself

In the last year, three of our clients were hit by thefts of money by bookkeepers who worked for them. In one of the cases we recovered all of the funds stolen. The other case is in the process of being recovered, and the final case we were called into too late and no recovery of funds is possible. View Entire Article

Necessary Documents and Action Steps for Total Life Financial Planning

Everyone should have some basic written documents, a will, a power of attorney and a living will as well as certain insurance policies. Understand what steps should be taken to help achieve total life financial planning. View PDF

S Corporation Tax Savings

I have, on a number of occasions, written about the benefit of being an S corporation versus being an LLC. The time has come to remind my clients of differences between the two. View PDF

Where To Retire To?

Individuals and business owners work hard and often look forward to their retirement years. Time to kick back, relax and enjoy some interests they may have been limited in enjoying during their working years. The question remains: Where should I retire to? How long will $1 million last in each state at retirement? View PDF

Asset Class Returns

Asset class returns (Small Caps, Large Caps, Bonds, etc) for the ten year period ending 2016. Source: Morningstar Magazine, June/July 2017, page 24. View PDF

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